About UDisplay Systems

It all started with our eldest competing in gymnastics.  Soon her room was consumed with medals hanging EVERYWHERE; door knobs, bed posts, hangers, anywhere she could find to hang them.

The holidays were coming up and Dad was tired of the mess it created in her room.  He came up with the idea of hanging them on the wall and creatively designed a display of her silhouette.  He and little sister decorated the silhouette with glitter and our eldest was DELIGHTED to receive the 1st UDisplay and organize her medal collection.

Years passed, and our youngest began competing in gymnastics.  Dad and our eldest created another display, decorated it and our youngest received the 2nd UDisplay.

Our daughters’ gymnastic friends visited and started asking their parents if they could have a display.  Parents started asking us if we could create displays that they could purchase from us so they could showcase their daughter’s achievements.   Our home gym, All Around, gave us the opportunity to start selling our displays from their location.   And from there, UDisplay  was born.

Celebrating  the successes of our children  is important to us.  We quickly found out that it was important to other parents as well.  We enjoy the opportunity to celebrate your child’s achievements with you by partnering together with our UDisplays which will creatively showcase their achievements.

We are a family owned business and our products are made in the USA in a local shop in Atlanta, Georgia. We take great pride in what we do, and offer a great product at a fair price. We also believe that it is important to recognize our younger generation of kids and show that they are important, and what a better way then to allow them to showcase their achievements!

So get in on the fun!  Get started now!


The UDisplay  Team